hotels  In Dalhousie

Hotels In Dalhousie

Located on the slopes of Dhauladhar mountain range, Dalhousie is a picturesque town in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Situated in the lap of five hills, namely Kathalagh, Potreyn, Terah, Bakrota and Bhangora, the city is a gateway to the famous Chamba District. Dalhousie tourism mainly rests on its vibrant flora and fauna, exuberant atmosphere and magnificent sightseeing destinations. Some of the famous tourist attractions in this city are the Upper Bakrota (the highest area in the city), Khajjiar (a scenic valley) and Alah Water Tank.

The architecture of Dalhousie attracts the attention of every traveller as most of the buildings were built during the British rule. The St. Andrew's, St. Patrick's and St. John's Churches are some of the most popular shrines which depict British finesse in architecture. The old-world charm complemented by comfortable weather throughout the year makes Dalhousie a must visit travel destination of India.

Being in Darjeeling, tourists can go to Ganji Pahadi to behold magnificent vistas of surroundings and take a leisurely walk. They can also pay a visit to the Subhash Baoli, an important tourist place in Dalhousie, which is named after freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose. Their tour to Dalhousie is incomplete without visiting Panchpula, which is located at a short distance from the city. It has a small descending stream of water which feeds several pools. At this place, tourists can enjoy trekking or simply sit down and relax amid green valleys. Tourists willing to shop can visit the busy Tibetan Market and buy different types of knicknacks and toys. They can also pick finely crafted carpets and handicrafts from Tibetan Handicraft Centre.

Hotels In Dalhousie

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